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Custom T-Shirts in Columbus, OH

Quality and service. That’s what you get when you partner with Traxler Printing. We are a team of printing experts that genuinely love to create and print the highest quality designs, in numerous custom styles, all while you receive our best quality service. That’s what you get with all of our printing options, including our flagship product – our custom t-shirts in Columbus, Ohio.

We are a local supplier of t-shirt design and printing services in Columbus, creating all types of fun, imaginative, unique, and groundbreaking designs for local entrepreneurs, designers, businesses, and hobbyists. Every time we receive a call from someone in Columbus looking for a new custom t-shirt design, our team of printing experts gets to work to deliver you perfectly printed shirts each and every time.

Our Custom T-Shirt Services in Columbus

At Traxler Printing, we focus on quality. Our business started off creating custom t-shirts for the local Ohio community. We know how many t-shirt printing companies are out there already, but our goal is to be something different. We focus on the technical aspect of t-shirt printing, and what it takes to create a shirt that people want to wear and be noticed.

Our staff is equally committed to this purpose, and we have a developed team that understands not only the design and printing elements of custom t-shirts, but also the best way to develop that high quality feel that makes each t-shirt something that speaks proudly of your idea or business.

Service You Can Trust

We take the time to understand your design and its placement, and take into account the aesthetics of the piece and how it is going to be used. We also have several custom t-shirt design options, including:

If you have any questions about your design or your custom t-shirt needs, our team is here to help make sure your custom printing looks its absolute best.

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We are proud to be the local source for custom t-shirts in Columbus, Ohio, and we’d love to talk to you more about any of your design or print needs. Please give us a call today at (614) 593-1270, and let’s turn your t-shirt vision into a reality.