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  • Hey, we really want to help! After many years, thousands of clients and orders - we have this down - so before filling out the form below, if you could skim this list below, it's a lot of what we will need to create your quote or order. We print MANY products, the list below is geared toward apparel, so if it's a non-apparel request, skip this section and head to the form below.

    •Please fill out you best contact information below - some orders are time sensitive and we may need to reach you quickly to ensure the order is complete and or shipped on time.

    •Below in the form is a space for you to tell us the following and more: What type of shirt are you looking for? Please specify color(s) and fabric composition (100% cotton/poly-cotton blend/tri-blend) Typical t-shirt cost ranges from around $4-$7 per blank shirt (before printing), depending on quality.

    •How many print locations will there be? (Front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve, other).

    •How many colors will be printed in EACH print location (For example: "Front: 4 color. Back: 2 color. Left sleeve: 1 color")

    •Please include a tentative total size/color breakdown. If you do not have this yet, that's OK - but please try to give us an idea of how many shirts TOTAL you'll be looking for.

    •Lastly, please email over ( or upload below whatever art you may have and we'll be in touch! Illustrator files are preferred, but we can work with Photoshop, JPEG & PNG, as long as the files are 300 DPI or greater.

    •Please let us know what type of timeline you're on for when you need these shirts and we will get back to you shortly! Our normal production time is 7-10 business days from when we receive payment.
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  • Looking for apparel, glassware, signs, stickers, bags, or promotional items? We have the ability to print more than 700,000 items - just let us know what you need in as much detail as you can give and we'll be more than happy to assist you!
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    If you have existing art or reference documents, please upload them here. If you have large files, complete the form and customer service will follow up.